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Election Day: Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

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Hi! My name is Shelley Mountjoy (formerly Ebert) and I grew up in the Town of Vienna. I attended school at Our Lady of Good Counsel and one of my first jobs was working retail in a photo finishing shop on Maple Avenue.

For almost all of my adult life, I have used a wheelchair for mobility due to injuries sustained as a passenger in a motor vehicle collision.

I was a College Professor in the field of Information Technology and I am currently raising my five-year-old daughter in my childhood home.

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Contention Over Maple Ave Zoning Plan Causing Heartburn for Vienna Leaders

July 25, 2018

Opponents worried not only about the project’s 160 residential units, commercial space andnarrow access in the rear for emergency vehicles, but also what effects that development and similarly dense ones in other locations would have on the town’s roads, schools and infrastructure.

“I don’t want us, as a town, to lose out on the opportunity to encourage Maple Avenue commuters to stop and shop in town,” said Shelley Ebert, who lives on Roland Street, S.W.,near the proposed project. “What we need is smart development that highlights the creativityand unique aspects of Vienna rather than robbing us of our character.”

Officials Blame Miscommunication for Tree Removal Brouhaha

November 26, 2019

Confusion about how the errant tree removals occurred “aren’t a good look for the town,” Vienna resident Shelley Ebert wrote in a message to Mayor Laurie DiRocco. “They only serve to [cause] further distrust of current leadership and promote the narrative that any interest our localgovernment may have in the quality of life of residents adjacent to commercial zoning is littlemore than wishful thinking.”

Ebert concluded, “This is a sad day for the town. Regrettably, even 6-inch-caliper trees will likelyregrow faster than trust will be restored.”

Vienna Council OKs Conversion of Mixed-Use Project for Assisted Living

January 28, 2020

The Council last June also rejected a MAC redevelopment proposed by Sunrise Development Inc. that would have built an 82-unit assisted-living facility on 0.74 acres at 100-112 Maple Ave.,E. Sunrise in mid-July filed a $30 million lawsuit against the town, saying the rejection wasunjustified.

Sunrise officials said the company intends to move forward with just one such facility in town,but they did not state whether the lawsuit would continue.

Shelley Ebert, who lives near the site, wondered whether the legal action was weighing on the Council. “Are we voting tonight for this project or are we voting to end a lawsuit?” she asked.

Vienna Council OKs Rezoning to Permit Three-Home Subdivision

September 9, 2020

The Vienna Planning Commission on a 4-4 vote June 24 declined to recommend the Council approve the developer’s proposal. Some commissioners preferred a more-intensive “transitional” use, such as townhouses, be put there instead to allow for more lower-cost housing options and screen the adjacent single-family residential neighborhood from Maple Avenue.

Rice concurred, but said he had sought the lowest development density possible so “we weren’t going to be looked upon as trying to overreach.”

Vienna resident Shelley Ebert expressed dismay that the developer had not considered building less expensive housing near the commercial area. “We do need more housing diversity and at some point we need to think of where it needs to go,” she said. “This lot is one of those ideal places because of its location.”

Vienna recognizes volunteers for enhancing life in town

May 1, 2023

Vienna would not be the town it is without the work of volunteers doing everything from helping those in need and caring for the environment to ensuring public safety and keeping the arts scene vibrant.

Continuing a tradition begun by her late mother (former Vienna Mayor M. Jane Seeman), Mayor Linda Colbert on April 18 served as master of ceremonies for the 22nd Volunteer Recognition Day.

...This year's honorees were:

... Shelley Ebert, who for two years has organized an Easter egg hunt that benefits the One Neighborhood Foundation.

Vienna Town Council members make their case for election (II)

July 19, 2023

Shelley Mountjoy grew up in Vienna and returned to the town as an adult.

“Vienna is my hometown and I have deep roots here. I am currently raising my 5-year-old daughter in my childhood home which was built by a relative, who was a developer. My great-uncle, Guy Wilson, served as a Council member and mayor in the ‘60s and I’ve always wanted to give back to our community.

“I’m running for Town Council because I care deeply about parks, trees, green spaces, our environment and making sure that, as Vienna continues to evolve, we maintain our identity as a great place to live and raise our children. As a Council member, I will always listen to you – not just the loudest voices, or the well-connected, or those with special interests – but everyone. Inclusivity is very important to me and, from my perspective, our town government could do more to ensure that all voices are heard, including those from divergent racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender and identity, economic position and ability.

I promise I will listen to you and you’re welcome to call me at (202) 285-3298 anytime to tell me your thoughts and concerns.”

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I would enjoy speaking to you about Vienna at any time. You can call or text me at 202-285-3298.

You can also learn more about me (and the other candidates on the ballot) at the following events:

NARFE Candidate Forum: 1 PM | Tuesday, September 19, 2023 | Vienna Community Center

NEVCA Candidate Forum: Evening (TBD) | October 13, 2023 | Vienna Community Center

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